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Saints in Prison

Saints In Prison 

I was on what looked like a federal prison compound, only it housed men and women. It was a prison for saints only. The prison had a commissary to purchase food and items, a chow hall and everyone was free to interact and roam. I remember seeing folks who I call, “hood figures”, people from urban communities. I knew some from the streets, others from being incarcerated. Many I didn’t even know were saints. I remember seeing one guy in a hurry I think to the chow hall but we recognized each other and shared a dialogue. I mentioned that I didn’t know he was a believer. He affirmed that he always has been but was doing his own thing but wasn’t about to deny Christ for nothing. He knew what time it was and always understood the severity of the choices. I let him go but we agreed to catch up. I saw another hood figure I didn’t know was a believer going in the same direction for the same thing who I was also surprised to see. We said our greetings from a distance and also agreed to catch up as we went separate ways. Another who I knew who I probably brought to Christ was headed to commissary. That’s how I knew there was such a thing.   

I went back to a housing unit, I saw an area covered in white cloths where a Pastor who I knew was having a discussion with members of his church. Mostly elderly ladies who looked worried. The Pastor was still attempting to reaffirm his false traditional doctrine that he was deceived into teaching to his congregation, even though it was now obvious that it was false. I remember seeing older women sadly shaking their heads in agreement with him, wanting to believe what was happening wasn’t really happening. I went over and interrupted the foolishness in a rage. I said, “I told you that this was going to happen and you’re still telling them foolishness and won’t repent! Look where we are! You’re still deceiving and being deceived!” We broke out into a heated debate until one of his ministers and a few others grabbed him away. I walked away then repented. I waited until things cooled down and apologized for the way I did things and suggested that we could just agree to disagree but shouldn’t allow our enemies see us fighting. He agreed that was wise. I remember he was a dark complexion, older gentleman with receding hair and a bald spot in the back. He had on this brownish hooded coat. 

I had this dream in 2014 I believe. In 2018 I met the Pastor of this dream preaching in a in the same jacket with white sheets making up the surroundings of the church like in the dream. Pray for our mercy as the Church for all our disobedience and that this do not happen and we as a Church repent.

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